Business Consultancy

Specialised Business Consulting for innovation companies


Finanzas & I+D+i stands by innovation companies located in Spain in their management and fulfilment of obligations.


We specialise in making the relevant innovation materialise in the financial statements of the company. We prepare the accounting information using a methodology focused towards innovation companies. Your company’s financial information, in addition to the fulfilment of business obligations according to Spanish law, will be arranged such as to become an enabling element for other processes.


The work specified will be implemented in the following points:


  • Commercial obligations, which will consist of the material execution of accounting, preparation and submission of the relevant commercial obligations according to the type of entity: Legalisation of annual accounts, depositing of annual accounts, Book of Records of the Company, Book of Shareholders.
  • Tax obligations: Preparation and submission of the following forms: VAT, personal income tax, corporate taxes, as well as any other tax not listed above and that is specific to the company.
  • Staff: Preparation of monthly payroll and social security (TC1 and TC2 forms).

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