The rising Spanish startup ecosystem

According to last published statistics, Spain is facing a good time for start-ups, with a rising tender about start-up growing and investment.

Spain is becoming a start-up nation, with two main hubs: Madrid and Barcelona. These cities are number five and six in the Top 10 European hubs, congregating almost 60% of the Spanish start-ups.

Spain ranks second in Europe for growth in number of professional developers. Along with the government plan for supporting start-up ecosystem, this makes Spain a great opportunity for investors.

New Spanish start-up are facing global market, so they have better chance for success. Business models for this cross-frontier business are mainly Marketplace and eCommerce models.

If we look at the main industries, we find the ranking below:

  1. Home
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Transportation
  4. Travel
  5. Enterprise software
  6. Marketing
  7. Fintech


Spain has some important public aids boosting start-ups and internationalization, such as NEOTEC programme or the participation in the INNOWWIDE programme. This fact strengthens the start-up consolidation progress by funding both private and public way, and allows a risk reduction for investors.

Any start-up accessing Spanish public support programmes will have to pass financial, technical and organisational requirements. This generates a general project assessment that provides key information, reduces study costs for investors and saves time in the investment selection process.

However, the decentralization of this ecosystem means that foreign investors must consider the inclusion of local partners or advisors that allow them to identify and manage these business opportunities.

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