H2020 call – Smart Anything Everywhere

This challenge will accelerate the design, development and uptake of advanced digital technologies by European industry – especially SMEs and mid-caps – in products that include innovative electronic components, software and systems, and especially in sectors where digital technologies are underexploited.

You can apply for two kind of actions: IA Innovation action and CSA Coordination and support action.

IA Innovation action.

Deadline: 02 April 2019 17:00:00 Brussels time

Total budget (EUR): 48 000 000

Estimated contribution per project (EUR): 8 000 000 (this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts)

This sub-topic calls for Digital Innovation Hubs that strengthen European SMEs and mid-caps by experimenting and testing with one or more of the following technologies, or by supporting them to manufacture these products.

Area 1: Cyber-physical and embedded systems: the goal is to improve quality and performance of business products and services by including (semi)-autonomy, paying special attention to security and privacy and to the human-machine collaboration.

Area 2: Customised low energy computing powering CPS and the IoT: to develop products for business situations where high computing capacity and low energy would be a competitive advantage.

Area 3: Flexible and Wearable Electronics: the goal is to help businesses in further maturing, innovating and validating their products with thin, organic and large area electronics technologies, including wearable, portable and embedded objects. Focus is on i) access to design, technology and prototyping which are ready to use, and ii) application experiments driven by concrete user requirements and business cases.

Area 4: Widening Digital Innovation Hubs: it addresses all three technology areas mentioned above and the technologies addressed in “the EU initiative to digitalise the manufacturing industry” (I4MS). It calls for Digital Innovation Hubs in industrial regions which are so far underrepresented in Smart Anything Everywhere and I4MS, and builds upon a mentoring programme developed by I4MS. These hubs should strongly collaborate with other Innovation Actions funded under SAE and I4MS.

Projects of any area should also support eco-system building for promising platforms developed in earlier R&I products. At least one innovation action is supported for each area.

For this topic, the four requirements described in the introductory section ‘Support to Hubs‘ have to be applied:

  1. Consortia participating in the call should demonstrate that they are deeply rooted in innovation ecosystems that offer digital transformation services to companies in their proximity, providing a clear analysis how the project will add value to an already existing service offer, and how it is aligned with the national or regional digitisation of industry initiative.
  2. Every project should support a critical mass of dedicated highly innovative, cross border experiments bringing together technology suppliers and users. At least 50% of the budget should directly benefit SMEs or slightly bigger companies. Beneficiaries may provide support to third parties. The support to third parties can only be provided in the form of grants.
  3. Activities should aim at long-term sustainability and include a business plan for the digital innovation hubs, a plan to attract investors, to address training and skills development needs and dissemination. Established networks reaching out to SMEs like the Enterprise Europe Network and the NCP network should be used.
  4. Selected projects are expected to collaborate on building a network of Digital Innovation Hubs, covering most regions in Europe.


Source: Information and Communication Technologies Work Programme

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