H2020 call for health approaches and alternatives to pesticide use

Funding opportunities are open under the topic “Integrated health approaches and alternatives to pesticide use” (SFS-04-2019-2020). The topic is part of the Societal Challenges pillar of the work programme Horizon 2020. Funded action type is RIA (Research and Innovation action), that presumes projects in early stages and disruptive innovations.

Budget for this topic is €15,100,574. It’s a two-stage call, so there will be two deadline dates, first on 23 January 2019 and second stage deadline on 04 September 2019.

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Challenge will address the effects of pesticides on the environment, non-target organisms, animal and human health, while assuring the competitiveness of EU’s agriculture, yield and food safety in plant production and farming. This way, it’s necessary to develop a better understanding of risks and effects of pesticides use and develop alternatives to critical active substances.

Applicants should choose one of the two sub-topics proposed for this call.

Integration of plant protection in a global health approach (2019).

Test and deliver integrated approaches in the assessment of the impacts of plant protection products and their metabolites (PPPs) on plant, human, animal and ecosystem health.

Projects will include:

  • New measurements and observations
  • Comprehensive and reliable models
  • A synthesis of risks, cost and benefit analysis of PPP’s use
  • Case studies in diverse agricultural products
  • Human health effects of direct and indirect exposures to PPPs, paying special attention to direct exposure of farmers and the rural population and PPPs residues in feed
  • Animal health risk assessment considering the exposure to residues of PPPs in feed
  • Environmental risks and impacts
  • Map risks at regional, national, European and global levels considering regulatory initiatives
  • Identify lock-ins, develop transition paths towards a sustainable use of PPPs and consider the needs of risk managers for the authorisation/restriction of PPPs
  • Development of a research agenda on plant protection in the context of a global health approach


It is expected that this topic will continue in 2020 with the second sub-topic: Biocidal and plant protection products (2020).

Both sub-topics should have a multi-actor approach and seek contributions from social and economic sciences, including gender aspects.


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